Sleep Medicine & Research Center

King Abdulaziz University Hospital

The Sleep Medicine and Research Center is a specialized center that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the common sleep disorders in our community. The center was initially founded at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in May 2011 and was expanded following its success, in April 2013 to accommodate a total of 4 rooms, fully equipped with the latest sleep medicine diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. The center has a team including a sleep physician, technologists, nurses and researchers, as well as complete access to all medical expertise and facilities at King Abdulaziz University Hospital when needed. This ensures all patients get comprehensive and high quality care.

Sleep Medicine & Research Center
Road to SMRC (sleep lab)
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Lab of SMRC
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Instructions for Filling the Forms Although your Sleep Consultant will take a comprehensive and extended biography and history of your sleep and health, filling the following questionnaires will aid in the diagnosis process.

Please find attached the following Questionnaires:

  1. Questions about your behavior during sleep and wake times.
  2. A special questionnaire for (your bed partner or bedroom partner) if applicable . We ask that you give this questionnaire to your partner (spouse/relative/friend) to aid the consultant in better understanding your sleep habits.

Step One:

Please download the questionnaire from this link >DOWNLOAD<

Step Two:

Fill the questionnaire using an PDF reader or editor, You can get it from this link >DOWNLAOD<

Step Three:

Fill this form and attach your filled questionnaire.

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